"Award-Winning Narrated Christmas Video" DVD and Book Set

$ 39.95 $ 42.90

Perfect for every leader, teacher and Mom!

Designed for large audiences, (auditoriums and churches) and for smaller groups, (American Heritage Girls, Girl Scout troop meetings, Sunday school classes, and Home School groups) or for a read-a-long children's curriculum.

This gift set includes:

•  a DVD with video narration of the book. (soft music in the background)
•  a book, "The Other Side of Christmas", An Upside-Down Book.
•  a bookmark
•  a small card featuring Santa/Jesus image. 
•  a themed folder to hold all the items.

For use at home this book with the DVD allows a child to follow along and learn how to match the written words with the narrator's spoken words. When the page turns on the DVD, this is the cue for the child to turn the page.

Also included on the DVD is an 'AHA' Performance of the art Santa/Jesus art drawn LIVE in front of an adult audience. This is the image that Beth created many years ago, and was the inspiration for this book. The words in the background song also capture the message of the drawing.

INCLUDED downloadable files on DVD: 
Promotional Flyer template to add your event date and location and an author biography.

Beth is also available for onsite performances and readings if you also want to have a LIVE connection with the audience. Just call the number below.

To order just the DVD by itself check out the $29.95 product item on this site.

For additional books, please purchase separately through the website. If you purchase for a large group of 100 to 1000, call for discount breakdowns:

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