"The Other Side of Easter" Children's Book - NEWLY RELEASED!

$ 12.95

From the author of “The Other Side of Christmas” book, comes her
new arrival, “The Other Side of Easter” book. This book follows the same
ambigram design that we came to love with the Christmas book. 
The traditions of Easter flip over to become the biblical story of Christ’s 
last few days from the Last Supper to the Ascension.
Buy both books in the ‘Introductory Easter/Christmas Book Bundle’ and 
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Both books include an AHG® Ambigram Patch Program with opportunities 
to create ambigrams and discover the creativity inside every young girl.
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This book has two stories in one.

Using ambigrams (upside-down images) the first story tells the activities during the season with the Easter Bunny.
At the end, when the book is flipped upside down, the ending becomes the beginning and the second story tells the biblical message of Easter.

This book will become a favorite among the young and the young at heart.


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