4 Simple Steps to Create a Strategic "LOGO in a PINCH" Worksheet Guide

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This HIGH TECH vs HIGH TOUCH (HT2) SCALE SYSTEM© is a tool to help business owners achieve a high profile logotype design on a shoe string budget. From Gully's award-winning expertise in logo design over the past 28 years, and with more than 400 logos in her portfolio, she was recently able to dissect her 'intuitive process', simplifying her artistic and objective-driven method.

These tools will help you assign a unique HT2 number to your business that will match up to a series of font styles, cases and formats to bring the perfect balance to your logotype*, and thus reflecting the essence of your company to your target audience. 

*A logotype is a font treatment representing the company's name. A logomark is an identifiable symbol that can stand apart from the business name. (Logomarks are not included in this guide but can be considered as a follow up investment.)


$1,500+ -  Professional Designer
$95.00   - $495.00 Logo by online logo companies 
$9.95     - Create a Logotype by YOU using "4 Simple Steps to        
Create a Strategic 'LOGO in a PINCH' Worksheet Guide" -  by Beth Gully

9-page worksheet guide plus cover page. 
Full color. 8.5" x 11"


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